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Umbrella Insurance

You can’t expect the unexpected.

But we can help you prepare for it.

Life is unpredictable and in an increasingly litigious society, it’s wise to have a safety net to protect you and your family from unexpected events.

What would you do if:

  • Your dog accidentally injured your neighbor’s child?

  • Your mail carrier tripped over a crack in your driveway, resulting in injury and disability?

  • An overgrown tree in your yard crashed through your neighbor’s roof?

  • The unthinkable happens and you severely injured someone in a car crash?

Your current auto or homeowners policy may not adequately cover these and other unforeseeable events, which is why you need a Personal Umbrella. Umbrella coverage provides extra protection that goes beyond your auto and homeowners limits; just in case something pops up that you didn’t expect. 

Our agents would be happy to provide a quote for you, so give one a call to see what Golden Valley can do for you.

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